Writing the RMA Order

The return of Customer Owner materials for revision, rework, or replacement can be a challenge in any system. Keeping the returned product seperate so you do not co-mingle your inventory with the customer owned inventory is a key issue for auditors.

The following simple procedure will help you to avoid these problems and more importantly, identify the costs of RMA’s in the plant. The trick is to create two areas in your inventory:RMA example

Inbound RTD-RMA
Outbound SHP-RMA

It is key that these two areas not be included in your Inventory Value Reports as these are materials that are not owned by you. Something else that you want to keep in mind is that one should come up with a numbering sequence/schema to be used. Many companies use the next Sales Order number, however, and equal amount use the Sales Order Module and preface the RMA order with an “R”.

Either way is acceptable in pcMRP, but there are procedures to follow with either type. For more information or more detailed training support, please contact mypcMRP at 800-277-0039 or email

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