WordPress 5.0

Automattic announced a plan for releasing WordPress 5.0 in November.

“With known knowns and known unknowns, I believe we will be at RC in about a month,” Mullenweg said. “However, I’ll be keeping a close eye on feedback during the beta process and adjust as needed and keep the community fully up-to-date with our best estimate.”

Gutenstats.blog shows that the beta plugin has passed 490,000 active installations. What is interesting though is that just as many have downloaded the Classic Editor plugin. This could mean that site owners have already prepared to preserve their workflows.

Mullenweg is leading the release but has designated 11 other leads to head up various focuses. This includes triage, design, JavaScript packages, REST API, merge process and several other important aspects of the release. It is not just the gutenburg which is in this release. Users will also see a new default Twenty Nineteen theme with 5.0. This project was lead by designer Allan Cole. It is also deeply integrated with the existing Gutenberg theme for use as WordPress’ next default theme.

Attendee’s at developer events mumbled about the status of WordPress 4.9.9 and about making a quick PHP 7.3 compatibility release. Instead it is very clear with dates established with Mullenweg’s latest, that WordPress 5.0 will land in November.  Any changes pushing it to early 2019 at the lastest. I think this will be more likely since this major release falls during a busy time of year for many who will be responsible for preparing their products and client sites. Mullenweg said he will keep the community up-to-date with any changes to the timeline.