WooSesh Conference

If you are looking for some free wordpress related content you need to check out the virtual WooCommerce conference, WooSesh. It is coming up fast and now is less than two weeks away. The two-day event will be held October 18-19 and is free! As in free beer. The event is being livestreamed. Organizers Patrick Rauland and Brian Richards published the schedule and can be seen on the WooSesh website.

Day 1 will feature speakers on a variety of topics suited for store builderss who work with WooCommerce, including building stores for clients, designing sites, and developing plugins. Day 2 is geared towards developers.

The keynote is being given by Todd Wilkens, Head of WooCommerce, along with Aviva Pinchas and Kelly Hoffman. It is titled “The Past, Present, and Future of WooCommerce.” I hope some time is allowed for some Q&A.

Attendees can watch all sessions for free as long as they attend at least one presentation during the live event. Registration is open on the WooSesh website.