pcMRP implementation process that we appply is a blueprint to get users and/or the organization running with pc/MRP. The implementation of product software, as the final link in the deployment chain of software production, is in a financial perspective of a major issue. It has been stated that the implementation of (product) software consumes up to 1/3 of the budget of a software purchase, but I challenge that assumption. It will be more. If you consider the sheer volume of people that need to be involved and the costs associated with that, implementation can and will easily skyrocket past 1/3. Don’t let what you read on the Internet or hear from others define your situation for implementation.

mypc/MRP consultants have been using this software for almost 10 years. We have successfully implemented hundreds of installations and have probably helped even more that we don’t know of simply because of answering simple questions via email that just helped you get on your way. mypc/MRP has a couple options for helping your implementation get installed and running. Keep in mind that the best installation has the customer doing most of the work. You need to know this piece of software so we try to make sure that you are brought up to speed. Kind of like train the trainer situation.

Our price is pretty simple. Onsite implementation service is $1500 for the first day and $1250 there after per day. We do have project based implementation pricing though which may work out better for you with set agenda, goals, and implementation project plan. Call us to find out more…800-277-0039.

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