The base set of modules works well for most needs of a small company. pcMRP is a fully integrated system with Inventory, Purchasing, Receiving, Sales Orders, Shipments, Invoicing, Contacts, Stock Room, Bills of Materials, Work Orders, and three ledgers in accounting (AR/AP/GL).

Below you can see some detail of these modules with a short video showing some capabilities.


Obviously one of the most important modules in the system. This area contains the costs, price qty breaks, on hand qty, WIP qty and other vital information for each part number.   Advanced features include:

  • Digital Attachments
  • Average, Std., and  FIFO Costing
  • Vendor Price Breaks
  • Cycle Counts
  • Physical inventories
  • Dated Inv values
  • Mean time between failures
  • Where used
  • Serial Lot Numbers
  • Inspection Criteria
  • Web Synchronization
  • Alternate Currency
  • RoHS tracking
  • Outside and Inside labor
  • Quickbooks integration
  • Link Drawings


This module allows users to create, edit, print all of your purchase orders. You can also duplicate those orders if needed as well. Here are some of the more advanced features:

  • Display/Print/Fax/Email
  • Blanket Purchase Orders
  • Large 6 Line Addresses
  • Remittance Address
  • Selectable Terms/Conditions
  • Unlimited Comments/Line Item
  • Custom Boiler Plate
  • Duplicate PO Option
  • Audit On-order quantities
  • Auto select price/qty break
  • Display Map
  • Optional Tickler, Alt Currency
  • 100+ Reports including:
    • ISO 9000 Vendor
    • PPV
    • Push Pull


A key function in the purchasing process is receiving the proper items on those PO’s and this module helps that process. You can enter, edit and print out these documents.

  • Display/Print/Fax/Email Receivers
  • Receive partial PO Quantities
  • Large 6 line Addresses
  • Unlimited Comments/Line Item
  • Display Map
  • Optional Tickler, Alt Currency
  • Each line item can contain unique:
    • Tax Rate
    • Discount
    • Due Date

Sales Order

This module creates, edits, prints and reports on sales orders. You can also duplicate sales orders from here as well. The following features are shown below:

  • Display/Print/Fax/Email
  • Blanket Sales Orders
  • Large 6 Line Addresses
  • Bill to, Ship to Addresses
  • Unlimited Comments/Line Item
  • Custom Boiler Plate
  •  Duplicate Sales Order Option
  • Audit On-demand quantities
  • Auto select price/qty break
  • Display Map
  • Supports download of Internet orders
  • Over 100 Reports including:
    • ISO 9000 Customer
    • Open Back Order
    • Commissions
    • Cost of Sales


Also commonly known as the address book that contains all the important information on customers and vendors alike. It is in one data table holding all the info including:

  • Large 6 Line Addresses
  • Billing/Shipping/Remittance
  • Pop up messages
  • Optional Tickler
  • Display Map
  • Email
  • Credit Card proc.
  • Unlimited Comments
  • Customer balance
  • Average days to pay
  • View/Print any Document
  • Link DOCs and PDFs
  • QuickBooks ID
  • CRM Information
    • Source
    • Salesman
    • Territory/Region
    • Credit Limit

stock Room

Many of you may be wondering what a stock room actually does. You all have one, so pcMRP integrated that into the system. You use the stock room to issue parts to the sales and work orders and then also to bring them back into inventory. Think of it as a helper to manage your WIP. Here are the features:

  • Issue Assys/Parts to mfg
  • Receive back completed Assys
  • Receive back partial quantities
  • Track shortages
  • Issue makeup shortages
  • Transfer between areas
  • Check Availability Option
  • Convert Parts to Assys Option
  • Max Potential Build Option
  • Adjust Bin Qtys during Issue
  • Receive back unused parts
  • Adjust on hand quantities
  • Handles breakage
  • Handles parts not on BOM
  • Audit WIP Option

Bills of materials

pc/MRP’s Bills of Materials Module allows users to enter and edit bills of materials up to 100 levels deep.   Users can print out Where Used Reports, Costed, Uncosted, Exploded, and Single Level BOMs.   pc/MRP’s Bills of Material Module supports the following advanced features:

  • Digital images
  • Drill down/up thru BOMs
  • Where used reports
  • Alternate Part Numbers
  • Costed/Uncosted BOMs
  • Exploded/Single Level BOM
  • Exploded/Single Level PIC List
  • Staging Bins
  • Average/Std/Last PO Costs
  • Phantom BOMs
  • Inside Labor Items
  • Outside Labor Items
  • Cost Roll Up (Ave, Std, Last)
  • Unlimited Reference designators
  • Mean Time Between Failure


Accounting modules can make or break a system and they are important to understand. Costing inside of an MRP can be really confusing and because of that we have a pretty decent system for tracking this stuff. However, it may not have all of the bells and whistles that you all may be accustomed to. SO, we have a great export to Quickbooks in case you are a small business using it. If not, here are some of the accounting module features:

  • Multilevel Chart of Accounts
  • Lockout Date
  • Month/YTD Budget w Variance
  • Re-close/Reprint Prior Periods
  • Divisions/Department
  • Credit & Debit Memos
  • Electronic Funds Transfers
  • Drill Down Option
  • Check Reconciliation
  • Cash Projections
  • Cost of Sales
  • Average/Std/FIFO Costing
  • Automatic Debiting/Crediting
  • Periodic/Perpetual Inventory


The invoicing module is similar to the order module in that it is a more specific way to control invoices.  Enter, edit, and printing all of the documents relating to invoices, shippers, labels and lots of reports.

  • Display/Print/Fax/Email Invoices
  • Invoice partial Sales Order Qtys
  • Large Bill to Ship to Addresses
  • Unlimited Comments/Line Item
  • Custom Boiler Plate
  • Display Map
  • Optional Tickler, Alt Currency
  • Print Labels
  • Each line item can contain unique:
    • Tax Rate
    • Discount
    • Due Date
    • Salesman
    • Sales Commission