pcMRP training is very similar to the implementation services that we offer, you can take advantage of specialized training. This training is done either via onsite visit or via web conference. We are in the midst of developing an online training and certification center with pc/MRP University. All of these training functions will give you the information you need to run your software installation more efficiently and effectively.

Onsite – The onsite training is by far the most popular and most informative way to be trained. Not only do you get to bring in more people to get a better bang for your buck, but the day is yours. We do have a set schedule that we like to stick to, but questions arise, conversations about specifics and other things can take us to where you need help the most. Onsite service is $1500 for the first day and $1250 there after per day. We do have project based pricing though which may work out better for you with set agenda, goals, and training plan.

Web Conference – Works very well for small companies that do not have the budget for onsite training, but not just that. We have found that the web conference also works well for refresher on a new version that is released, or to help with developing reports or just training that new person that was hired.

pc/MRP University – A new upcoming tool that will be used to train and certify people in all of pc/MRP’s funtionality. Companies will know that you have attended the courses and can competantly use pc/MRP.