What is pcMRP?

pc/MRP is an integrated materials requirement planning software system involving purchasing, accounting and manufacturing. 

Who makes it?

The software is sold by Software Arts, Inc who is a privately held company. Software Arts, Inc has been offering pc/MRP as an Accounting, Inventory, and Material Requirements Planning software solution since 1985. There are over 2400 companies in 58 countries worldwide actively using pc/MRP.

Who is DMSCO then?

DMSCO become involved with Sofware Art in 2000 and has been one of the longest serving integrators. We have completed thousands of implementation hours with hundreds of companies.

More information about pc/mrp

How does pc/MRP work?

By using the standard 13 modules, pc/MRP uses sales orders, forecasting, purchasing, and inventory information to develop an MRP schedule that you can use for refining your purchasing.

Why do you do accounting?

There are many good accounting programs out there. The biggest benefit of using the built in accounting is the integration with the MRP. However we do have a module for purchase that will link directly to Quickbooks. 

Is there a manual?

There are manuals that you can download. The most recent are 9.2 and 9.0 and you can download them after you log into our website. They will be on our downloads page here.

What is the cost?

This is of course the real question everyone wants to hear and the answer is depends.

The base module is $730 and will serve the needs of your most basic requirements. (1 billion unique parts?) This single user can be upgraded to a multi user for an additional $1350. Users after that cost $140. 

Many other modules are available at varying prices. This also includes a discount for multiple copies if you are running multiple companies. You can find the full price sheet here.