Writing the RMA Order

The return of Customer Owner materials for revision, rework, or replacement can be a challenge in any system. Keeping the returned product seperate so you do not co-mingle your inventory with the customer owned inventory is a key issue for auditors. The following simple procedure will help you to avoid these problems and more importantly, […]

Second Quarter Duties for a Manufacturing Business

It seems we’ve reached the middle of the calendar year….and now that you’ve handled your quarterly taxes, estimated tax payments, and filled all the required forms, it’s now time to focus on profitability again! The best way to know where you’re going is to have a solid MRP system in place that allows you not […]

Unlimited Document Links in pc/MRP

Software Arts has just released another dynamite addition to the software program, pc/MRP! The latest version now includes Unlimited links to documents that can be shared from any of the client machines on your network, to a folder, or to an Internet URL! The possibilities that this opens up are unlimited, as now routing documents […]