Dynamics Magento Integration Plan – Part One

Before I get into the Dynamics Magento integration plan, I would like to first talk about the situation as this is what usually determines what you want to do.  My goal is to get Magento orders into my Dynamics GP system without re-entering the information twice.  This will allow me to do additional reporting on […]

Dynamics GP – Reprint Invoices In Sales

Sales Order Printing

Way to do it: Go to Transactions –> Sales –> Print Sales Documents Choose:  Document Type = Invoice Print:  Historical Documents Document Format:  select the right one Under Documents, choose to reprint previously printed Ranges at the bottom:  Document Number – select the from and to range and insert Thanks again to Heather.  You saved […]

New Serialization Improvements from pc/MRP

2014.12.01 Software Arts, the makers of pc/MRP has just released a new and updated version of the Serial/Lot Module. The update promises to increase the users ability to fully track the child serial number throughout the build process. Interested users should click on the following link to explore the improvements, http://www.pcmrp.com/mrp101/snlotoverview.htm and, give us a […]