The pc/MRP “Subs Only” field

Hello loyal pc MRP users…..

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the check boxes in the inventory module that identify an assembly as “Subs Only“. The most important question that I get is, what does this field mean, and, why would I want to do something like this? This field was added and functionality attached to it, after a number of companies that are using pc MRP in in production wanted to be able to prevent their users from issuing parts only for an assembly to a higher level bill of materials. It seems that often times a mistake in the stockroom module occurred where a user would issue parts only when in fact they should have been waiting for the sub-assembly to have been completed on another work order previously written to cover the requirement!

In the above case not only were parts issued to an order to build the sub-assembly, but a duplicate set of parts were then issued to an upper level bill of materials calling for the sub-assembly. Not a happy thing for sure!

The diametrically opposite setting for “Subs only” is the box right there with it is called “Blow Thru”. This of course would have the effect of flattening your bills of materials so that the stockroom would issue only parts and never wait for the assembly to be completed. if this is all too confusing for you, don’t feel alone… give us a call and we’ll be happy to guide you through setting and using these features.

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