There are multiple ways that you can sell via ecommerce. Here are a few ways. Let us help you determine the best way for you.

Your website

There is no right way to do eCommerce and having your own website may be thought of as the original way, but that is far from.

Hosting your own website has its own benefits as full control of everything. Not just pricing or description management. We mean EVERYTHING. More often than not, this is overwhelming for the majority of small businesses.

Security certificates, inventory management, Google data feeds, order management, customer emails, policy pages…and the list goes on from there. Is this really the way to go? Yes….or, maybe not. Let’s help you.

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Dropshipping is a really big thing right now. We have been working these programs for the past 6 years in earnest working with Commerce Hub and Logic Broker.

If you want a little help with those people, you need to give us a call. We have dozens of connections tested and working with those companies.

Also, we work with direct EDI connections. These give you the most control, but are also the least likely to be available.</p>

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The majority of people just “shop” on Amazon and have no idea how things work there. There is actually 4 different models that you can choose from to work with Amazon. Depending on your products, each method has benefits and problems.


Amazon direct means that you are selling directly to Amazon.


Still selling to Amazon, but their shipping account.


You are doing the selling but the product is in their warehouses.

Seller Central

You sell and you fulfill, but use Amazon platform.

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