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Reprint Invoices In Dynamics GP

Reprinting sales invoices is not always 100% clear.  I had to go back and reprint something once and it was just a single invoice.  Simple.  The next day I had to do it for 30 invoices.  Problem.  I was back doing this as my A/R person was out and we needed to get this done.  I did some searching and I found Heather from the dynamics website answered it.  I don’t want to grab attention, but I would like to repost and give her credit, but the more that I can get Google to reference this, the better.  It is a great tip.

What isn’t clear in this question is where the batch originated.  If it was in Sales Order Processing, you can print historical documents on mass, but not by batch ID.

Way to do it:

Go to Transactions --> Sales --> Print Sales Documents
Choose:  Document Type = Invoice
Print:  Historical Documents
Document Format:  select the right one
Under Documents, choose to reprint previously printed
Ranges at the bottom:  Document Number – select the from and to range and insert

Thanks again to Heather.  You saved me a bunch of time and it is worth it to post it again.

Reprint your invoices when you need it.