Capacity Planning Product

Capacity Planning for labor availability in today’s high stress employment marketplace cannot be done effectively without the correct tools.  Running an efficient and smooth operation is all about capacity planning for your operation and users of pcMRP now have the ability to do exactly that with DBStudio’s Capacity Planner!

Users of pcMRP currently have the ability to identify the amount of time required to manufacture a product through their Bill of Materials entry of time required for each product. Generating an MRP compiles the total number of hours needed in a schedule format, however, this is where the value of labor requirements stopped.  Users would know what was required but could not compare easily the capacity of their production line to meet the requirements.  This left a wide gap of information still needed to properly plan their production lines.

DataBuilder Studio’s approach to solving this issue takes a unique blend of pcMRP’s labor requirements from the generation of the MRP and combines it with a labor availability schedule completed by departmental leaders.  DBStudio combines the information from the labor requirements data from pcMRP’s MRP Module and accesses the departmental capacity sheets providing management with a clear picture of the total labor available or the deficiency of labor available by department or plant.

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