Barcodes and pc/MRP

pc/MRP has included a vast variety of Bar Code fonts in their Bar Code module which match up with all of your bar code labeling needs.  Whether your needs are to print internal reports and forms for Sales Orders and Work Orders or building a bar code Pic List for your stockroom personnel to use while pulling materials using a bar code scanner on a portable tablet, we have the knowledge and experience to get you to the finish line successfully.

With a wide variety of todays most used fonts, including Data Matrix, QR Coding and industry wide standard codes, your pc/MRP has the built-in capability of meeting all your bar code labeling and reporting requirements.

Join many other DMSCO Inc. Clients who use pcMRP and QuickBooks to build out your total Bar Code labeling needs.

Give us a call today for the latest in Bar Code capabilities for your system at 800-277-0039 to get started.