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Meeting Customer Expectations

Customer Expectation

Meeting customers expections is hard to do sometimes. Amazon came into view twenty years ago selling books online. Did not make a dime for many many years and it was thought that this experiment would end very bad, but over the past few years, they have pulled through. Some would argue that they have transformed […]

Supply Chain Data Platform

Supply Chain Data Platform

Managing your supply chain data platform is difficult all by itself. Trying to do it with systems that don’t share data simply is even worse. For those Trekkie’s out there, in one of the more recent movies, one was quoted saying “…its like trying to hit a bullet with a smaller bullet whilst wearing a […]

Capacity Planning Product

capacity plan

Capacity Planning for labor availability in today’s high stress employment marketplace cannot be done effectively without the correct tools.  Running an efficient and smooth operation is all about capacity planning for your operation and users of pcMRP now have the ability to do exactly that with DBStudio’s Capacity Planner! Users of pcMRP currently have the […]

Fulfillment Costs


Fulfillment costs are one of the largest and most important to watch expenses as you are starting out. Outsourcing fulfillment may be an important first step for many eCommerce companies. Using a 3PL, as they are commonly known as, allows you to skip creating infrastructure to warehouse and ship your products. However, whether you’re using […]

Dynamics Magento Integration Plan – Part One

Before I get into the Dynamics Magento integration plan, I would like to first talk about the situation as this is what usually determines what you want to do.  My goal is to get Magento orders into my Dynamics GP system without re-entering the information twice.  This will allow me to do additional reporting on […]