Acer Switch One 10.1 Tablet

Acer Switch

This machine was not on my radar. I was at Best Buy the other day looking for a new laptop for my wife (that will be a different blog post.) For now though, I want to talk about the Acer 10.1 tablet. I think I may have mentioned it before, but my wife runs our jewelry store. She saw the tablets and thought it would be a good idea to have one of them at the store as they are always bringing customers to the desktops to browse the web to show comparisons to our stuff.

It seemed pretty peppy for just browsing the web. At $219 I thought it seemed a decent buy as well so I looked into the system to see any issues and it appeared that they are pretty solid. I looked on Amazon and found refurb ones for $145.  Are you freaking serious? $145. I think I spent that on coffee last month! So I bought two of them.

First Look

I received them today and immediately opened them up to take a look. They came with the white clam shell and you could tell that they were refurbished as one of the lids were not completely tight and the other had a small smudge on the outside.  Nothing terrible though.  Started them up and Ugh…Acer filled them up with crapware. CPU was pegged at 100% for 10 minutes straight! What was up? Just like all of the other computers, program have made it onto this computer to hep counter the actual costs. Thankfully it was not too many. The really crap one was McAfee though. Honestly, most other ones suck ass too. Anything that says “Internet Security” needs to be deleted immediately.

Turned it off, started back up. Task manager and disabled it and it started right back up. I will give them this, it fights the good fight. I got it though. Disabled it in startup and then it was smooth sailing. Not that difficult really. Then came all of the other things. Acer loads a whole lot of “helper” software. Again, I know what they are trying to do here. Most people are complete idiots when it comes to computers so that means that people build software to help to do remote diagnostics and shit like that. This stuff just messes things up though. I took it all out. There were ten additional programs that I wiped out. I researched the few that I thought were questionable.

In the end I had two really nice little tablets that were even more peppy than when I tested it in Best Buy. As I played with them over the weekend I found that the touchscreen was very responsive, but I needed to know how to do things in a different way. Running Windows 10 Home on a tablet take just a little while to get used to. I had to take a few notes to let my wife and her staff know how to do a few things.There were not many things to save to the hard drive as this is mainly for web browsing so I was not able to test the hard drive, but it was blazing fast using the built in Edge browser. I chose not to install the Chrome bloat and have been happy with it so far.

Sorry, by the way, for not buying from you. I fully expected to come back and purchase it from you. At least I bought my wifes computer from you.

UPDATE 06/10/2017

The computer is a great web browser, but slow as molasses when you have any true work to do. Even loading Outlook was slow, granted, my wife has a lot of email, but still. I gave this to my nephew that is using it for playing simple games and web browsing. This mobile processor just did not fit the bill. I upgraded my wife to an ASUS zenbook.