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We dont ask you to switch to what we have to say. We listen to YOU first to let us know what you want and then we make recommendations to get your plan into action

With over 40 years experience, the founders bring a great wealth of  knowledge to bear on your manufacturing problems.  Specifically, Dave has been a part of hundreds of pcMRP installations and has consulted with just as many more.   You would be hard pressed to find a broader range of manufacturing experience than Dave.  He has worked with companies that roast coffee up to military fighter jet components.  

Prior to DMSCO, Dave managed much of the CityPlex Towers interior medical fixture construction, another 15+ years of retail fixture manufacturing, vice president of manufacturing for Leoni USA, the North American arm of international wire giant Leoni.

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DMSCO has been around since 1998 when the company was originally named DesertView Management Services. 2008 we changed the name to be simply DMSCO.

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